Men's League


Great News; DSC Starts Adult Indoor Soccer League!


(for session 1 info please scroll down)


With the completion of the fantastic Nardin Academy Indoor Athletics Complex  at the Modpac site  on the corner of Hertel Avenue and Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, right behind the Big-K,  DSC is now able to offer an indoor adult soccer throughout the winter.

There will be two 10-week sessions. For the second session we are trying to add a women's division. Their games take place on Friday night at 9.30p.m. 

The first session starts on November 12 and ends on  January 18.  

Session 2 runs from February 6 through April 12.  

For the men, games are either on Monday night or Wednesday night, at 9.30p.m. or 10.30p.m. Game length is 2x25 minutes. 

The format is 5v5; 4 field players plus a goalie.  The maximum roster size is 8 players.  We will not keep score and standings. This is a somewhat competitive, yet still recreational soccer league. 

The registration fee is $75 per session per player.  Besides 10 games of soccer, you will also receive a t-shirt. 

Players must be born before the year 2000.

You must register individually, but if you want to play with a group of friends we can make sure that you get put on the same team. 

Visit the registration page of this website to register.

Sign up quickly; after 32 registrations we will start a waiting list.   After every 7 new registrations we will create a new  team. 

Please contact Frank Callocchia with any questions;



Session 1 Information!

Thank you very much for registering for the DSC Men's League, taking place at the brand new Nardin Academy indoor soccer facility, located right behind the Big K-Mart on the corner of Delaware and Hertel Avenue, starting Monday November 14. 

We were able to create 6 teams, with games taking place at 9.30pm on Monday night and 9.30pm and 10.30pm on Wednesday night. 

The game format is either 5v5 (4 plus a goalie) or 6v6 (6 plus a goalie) We will just have to figure that out once we start playing games. 

The games are 2 x 25 minutes long, Asani Samuels will be the field coordinator/referee at all games. 

Below find the team rosters and the game schedule. New players can still be added to the teams. Spread the word. Bring your friends! 

Outdoor cleats are not allowed. Please wear turf shoes or sneakers. Wear shin guards. You will receive a jersey before your first game. 

Game Rules;

  • No slide tackling. Stay on your feet! 
  • Substitutions on the fly
  • Kick in when ball goals over the side line
  • Goal kick; kick in from anywhere in the box
  • Kick off in center of field at beginning of half and after goal is scored. 
  • Goalie cannot punt, must throw or roll the ball, or pass from the ground
  • Corner kicks
  • PK's - 8 yards from goal
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • Fair Play Please!

Frank Callocchia is the coordinator of the league. Contact him with any questions at

Remember that this is a recreational league. Play for the love of the game, to be around soccer friends and to break a sweat.

There are no trophies or contracts being handed out at the end of the season...

See you at the field! 

Team 1

  1. David Mann    
  2. Geoff Kelly
  3. Rich Wall
  4. Deinhart (Not Registered)
  5. Eduardo Racamora (Not Reg Yet)
  6. Salonski (Not Reg Yet)
  7. Rogerio Silva  (Not Reg Yet)
  8. Joyce (Not Reg Yet)

Team 2

  1. Allison Maynard
  2. Frank Callochia
  3. Thomas Callochia
  4. Max Wojtasik
  5. Cole Hastings
  6. Greg Bennett 
  7. Dan Cox

Team 3

  1. Todd Morth
  2. Rob Bari
  3. William Stephen
  4. Connor Hagner
  5. James Eagen
  6. Max Long
  7. Ben Southers (Pend Payment)
  8. Chady Bushnaq

Team 4

  1. Emma Trainer
  2. Matthew Chesna
  3. Walter Potocki
  4. Julian Bones
  5. Jared Monfort
  6. Daniel Carnavale
  7. Lee Carl
  8. Nick Ninos

Team 5

  1. Chas Kirsch
  2. Lenin Gonzalez
  3. Robbie Wittman
  4. Eric Stearns
  5. Nick Jones
  6. Nick Battaglia
  7. Love Preet Singh
  8. Patrick McMahon-Eagan

Team 6

  1. Diego Silva
  2. Majon Cruz
  3. Jonathan Willax
  4. Scott Surma
  5. Samuel Koomson
  6. Anthony Aguilar
  7. George Ssozi
  8. Tom Murphy



DSC Men’s League Session 1 - Remaining Schedule 

Game 6

Monday, January 2

Wednesday, January 4




Team 2v5

Team 1v6

Team 3v4

Game 7

Monday, January 9

Wednesday, January 11




Team 2v4

Team 1v5

Team 3v6

Game 8

Monday, January 16

Wednesday, January 18




Team 2v3

Team 5v6

Team 1v4

Game 9

Monday, January 23

Wednesday, January 25




Team 2v6

Team 1v3

Team 4v5


Game 10

Monday, January 30


Team 1v3




Team 4v5



Wednesday February 1


Team 3v4




Team 1v6