Field Directions

Point of the Meadow

  The Point of the Meadow fields are located across the ring road from Nottinham Terrace right before the Delaware Ave intersection.  The closest access point is Nottingham and Meadow Road.  The fields are to the west (right) of the old Juicery (now the Lunch Box) near the 198.

Tennis Court Fields

  The field is immediately behind the tennis courts that are in Delaware Park across from Nichols School.  The closest access is at the Colvin St. entrance at Amherst immediately north of the Zoo.  The tennis courts are to the right of that entrance.




Delaware Main

  Delaware Main is located directly across from the basketball courts in Delaware park.  Enter the park off Parkside immediately before the 198.  Proceed towards the zoo - the field is immediately across from the basketball courts.  Another option is to park in the Zoo parking lot off Parkside at Jewett.




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